Washable with Soap & Water

Aqua-Step can be cleaned with soap and water which results in an extremely hygienic floor. The floor stays bacteria free and is completely mold resistant (ideal for allergy sufferers). The high density surface coating and the perfect waterproof seams prevent dirt from penetrating the floor.

Easy Care Washable Waterproof Laminate Flooring
Washable 100% Waterproof Laminate FlooringAnti-bacterial Hygenic 100% Waterproof Laminate Flooring

"After a long search, we've found what we were looking for. Aqua-Step combines the warmth and comfort which our customers enjoy and the efficiency which our staff appreciates. This floor is exceptional: it provides the hygiene of a stone floor and can even be cleaned with the industrial buffer. An excellent product!"


Care | As part of the cleaning, your Aqua-Step floor should simply be vacuumed by using the brushes in the head of the vacuum cleaner and cleaned with soap and water.

Stubborn stains | Spilling water is allowed!
Aqua-Step is 100% waterproof and has 0% swelling. It resists most of the spills such as coffee, tea, fruit, soft drinks, sauces, milk,… These can be easily removed with lukewarm water, an alcohol or vinegar based cleaning agent and an absorbent cloth.

Recommended |

  • Attaching felt pads to the feet of chair and table legs and other furniture
  • When moving furniture, never drag items across the floor, always lift
  • Provide the entrance areas with suitable sized doormats and protective rugs against coarse dirt
  • Use soft wheels or a protective mat
Advised not to do | Never polish or apply varnish to the floor. It nullifies your warranty terms.