Aqua-Step 100% Waterproof Laminate VS “Other” Waterproof Laminates

Some things to look for when comparing waterproof laminates – not all laminates are the same.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant - There is a difference!

CLICK STRENGTH - A weak click system will loosen with any thermal expansion allowing water to get in between planks and in some cases, will break during installation. Our Uniclic System is water tight and extremely durable.

WATER ABSORPTION: After being in a bucket of water for 10 days, Aqua Step did not delaminate, swell or fade. However at the conclusion of testing of competitive products there was a clear indication that theses products showed signs of delamination and swelling after just 5 days. The click system also showed signs of weakness and became brittle while easily tearing off. Aqua Step’s click system stayed as strong and intact as it was prior to being submerged into the water.

Installation over damp concrete YES NO
Installing in areas with direct sunlight YES NOT RECOMMENDED
Installation over radiant heat YES NOT ALL

CONSTRUCTION/COMPOSITION: Aqua Step unique’ s composition is made up of a high quality synthetic resin of titanium and PVC in combination with a unique honeycomb structure. Other competitive products we have seen are LVT on top of a foam PVC or LVT on top of cork or wood. This construction will act as a “bimetal “and will induce differences in expansion between top and bottom layers.

A vinyl top layer will create a porous top layer leaving scuff marks, indentation marks and softening behavior. Aqua Step’s top layer is titanium and acrylic which accounts for its strength and durability, its ability to withstand handle heavy traffic and aid in the protection of UV-Light.


  • Can be uninstalled and reinstalled
  • Can be installed over existing flooring
  • Can withstand freezing temperatures and as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can be installed outside in a covered space
  • Pet friendly

MAINTENANCE & CLEANING: Only soap and water is needed to clean Aqua Step. Other competitive products recommend a specialty cleaning agent.

PRICING: There are products on the market that are less expensive than Aqua Step however the characteristics of those “competitive” products may be inferior. Remember, “you will get what you pay for”.