Aqua-Step comes with a warranty in residential use which covers materials and manufacturing defects. The warranty becomes effective on the date of purchase. In order to make a warranty claim, the original dated invoice, containing a distributor’s stamp must be submitted together with the official Aqua-Step complaint form. The warranty is valid for a period of 20/5 years, meaning a percentage depreciation of the product.

What is covered?

    • Waterproof warranty: Aqua-Step’s unique benefit is that it is 100% waterproof and will not swell even not when over using water, so it’s the only laminate flooring which is suitable for humidity!
    • Reduced resistance of the top layer: when used in normal household/commercial conditions.
    • Resistance to stains such as ketchup, red wine, fruit, rubber marks.
    • Resistance to fading: Aqua Step contains a UV protectant and will not fade due to sunlight or artificial light.

What is not covered?

    • Unsuitable use, eg. outside applications.
    • Damage caused by spike heel shoes, grit, the lack of protection of furniture, sand or other abrasive materials.
    • Damage caused by natural disasters.
    • Improper installation.

What is excluded?
Aqua-Step only covers the replacement of eventual defective goods and does not cover any labor costs and/or other costs than the Aqua-Step floor itself.