When searching for any type of product that you’re making an investment in, it’s always tempting to focus on the price point, especially if you’ll be buying a large quantity. With waterproof flooring, though, you need to be careful about making a decision based solely on price because there can be a large difference in quality and the options available between lower and higher price points. 

Aqua Step is a high-end product, and we’re not sold in big box stores. $2-$3 per square foot simply can’t provide you with a fully waterproof quality product. 

So what do we offer that the others don’t?

Top-Quality, Durable Materials

Aqua Step is made of a high-quality synthetic resin of titanium and PV, making it strong and durable. 

Compare this to other products which are made of LVT on top of a foam PVC or LVT on top of cork or wood. When this construction becomes wet, it will act as a “bimetal,“ and will cause differences in the way top and bottom layers expand. A vinyl top layer is also porous, making the floor more susceptible to scuff marks, indentation marks and softening behavior - especially if a liquid mess isn’t cleaned up right away.

Because Aqua Step’s top layer is titanium and acrylic, our waterproof flooring is able to withstand heavy traffic and remain durable even in homes with energetic pets. 

Strong, Quality Construction

In addition to using high quality, strong materials, Aqua Step products are also constructed differently from other flooring products on the market to ensure durability. 

We don’t attach the underlayment, but rather keep it separate from the flooring. In our experience, an attached underlayment is simply not as effective as a separate underlayment. 

Our construction also utilizes a Uniclic® system with a rubber flange that keeps the joints watertight, preventing water from getting within the seams of the board. This means that spills and pet accidents don’t need to be wiped up immediately (sometimes you just don’t notice them!), because Aqua Step’s quality construction prevents water from getting below the top layer. As we mentioned above, that’s not always the case with other waterproof flooring products. 

Waterproof - Not Just Water Resistant

The strong, quality construction of Aqua Step flooring combined with the durable materials used to construct it, makes Aqua Step actually waterproof. That’s right, 100% waterproof. With no wood components and our Uniclic® system to keep joints watertight, you can rely on Aqua Step flooring to be protected from water, not just hold up to a small amount for a little while. 

Too many flooring options out there are simply water resistant, and don’t offer full protection from water damage. In fact, we actually went so far as to test out how our 100% waterproof flooring stands up to being exposed to water for long periods of time - we put Aqua Step waterproof flooring in a bucket for ten days and did the same with other products. Guess which product didn’t swell or have any delamination? You guessed right - it was Aqua Step that looked the same on day 10 as it did on day one.

This strong, waterproof construction means that in the even of a flood, Aqua Step can be uninstalled and reinstalled, so you don’t necessarily have to invest a brand new floor while dealing the rest of the hassle of flood cleanup. 

Versatile Product

Waterproof flooring is thought of often as for basements or entryways, but Aqua Step products can be used anywhere in a home or business. Why? Our waterproof flooring products have several attributes that allow this:

  • UV-Protected

  • Can be installed over radiant heating

  • Comes in dozens of styles to fit any decor

  • Can use any cleaning product on the flooring - even bleach

At Aqua Step, we take pride in knowing that our waterproof flooring can be used to make your property more comfortable and more durable without sacrificing style. We go above and beyond to construct a strong, premium, 100% waterproof product that will meet your needs and last for years to come - through storms, accidents, and that rare peaceful year of just sun shining on the floor through the windows.